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Sukanya Manerikar is a freelance makeup artist and green beauty specialized in all areas of Makeup including Fashion, Photography, Special events and Bridal makeup.

As a child I always dreamt about my wedding and moreover to look the most stunning and gorgeous bride. But I never knew that I would end up being one who could accomplish similar dreams of other brides. Claiming myself to be a proficient artist it wasn’t shocking when my painting materials were replaced with the make up kit. ’’ Thus being a freelance makeup artist isn’t just my profession but its my passion’’, says Sukanya Manerikar. Heading from India’s smaller state "Goa" it’s her sheer dedication, hard work and the craving to be a makeup artist, are the qualities that aided her acquire heights in the glamorous world of makeup.

She has specialized in all areas of Makeup including Fashion, Photography, Special events and Bridal makeup. Her extensive training in professional makeup from Bollywood artist Marvie Ann Beck, Mumbai has led her acquire a great experience and knowledge of the latest techniques and products. She is also pleased to be an ex-employee of MAC and credits the same for making her aware about the latest trends, makeup techniques and her extensive knowledge about the makeup products.

Sukanya firmly believes that teaching and sharing her makeup skills will also help her enhance and polish her makeup abilities. Thus she associated herself as a trainer at Bollywood Hollywood institution of Makeup and Hair, Bandra, where she trains and grooms young aspiring makeup artist.

Talking about Sukanya as a makeup artist she is just splendid and flawless. A bright smile on her face and sparkling eyes is what she owes which says aloud with confidence that’’ Yes!! I’m here to give birth to your fantasy look with the help of my magical wand which is my makeup kit.’’ She considers her clients to be precious and therefore she assures to use high end professional make up brands like MAC, Anastasia Beverely Hills, Urban Decay, Makeup Forever and Krylon. Therefore the combination of the best products with the amazing and competent makeup artist Sukanya has proven to do a wonder which evidently reflects in her work.

“Whether it’s fashion, stage, feature film, print or bridal, Sukanya Manerikar provides her clients with a fabulous product and a reliable professional attitude.”